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The Band was formed in the Spring of 2010.Band members are : Manos - Vocals, Cris - Guitar , Asterios - Bass And Bill Drums.The band plays live shows regulary around Greece and has supported many known Artist such as Innerwish, Planet Of Zeus and Truckfighters. In March 2011 the first official release of the band came out,the EP "A Planet On Four Legs" ,which received positive response from music fans and critics(Metal Hammer, No 4 Best Release of 2011 in Voting Poll of Downtuned Magazine,No1 Southern Rock Charts of (Song : Uncertain) and many more), has been played and being played by radios and tv shows around Europe, USA, Mexico And Australia.In October 2012 the band singed in TornFlesh Records (USA)

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MAKE: Trephine


Today we’re moving to the other side of the Ocean to meet a band coming from North Carolina, precisely from Chapel Hill. Trephine is their debut album and will be available in CD stores all around Europe via Devouter Records UK.
Scott Endres (guitar, vox), Spencer Lee (bass guitar, vox) and Matthew Stevenson (drums) put together a really well done concept album, where doom, psych and drone wonderfully mix, giving as a result a crossroad between Isis and Earth, which goes from very hard moments to trippy ones: our mind travels with no rest in a totally obscure world, where it is a pleasure to get lost into and we probably wouldn’t like get back from.

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Dirge is a french band born in 1994. From the industrial metal genre that exploded in the first part of the 90's, the band slowly evolved towards more atmospheric sounds and progressive structures, related to the post-metal scene.

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It was February 2003. Three guys – Dave, Scott C. and Chad – arrived with guitars, weed, amps, weed, a bass, more amps, weed, drums, a P.A. and... weed. Then, another man – Scott I. – arrived with a few synthesizers and weed. Then, it was into a rehearsal room with liquid light projectors, incense and pipes. The sound was slow, loud and spaced out... Mountain Of Judgement was created. A mix of modern day heavy music and latter day psychedelia, MOJ crafted a sound unlike most things of their time. Psychedelic Doom was a pinned description. Quite a few recordings were made. And quite a bit of weed was smoked... But, as time would have it, the band did call it quits due to other commitments. But, with no regrets.» Chad says. Be sure to visit MOUNTAIN OF JUDGEMENT MyspaceMusic page.



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It is said that great art has the power to take us outside of ourselves and bring us closer to ourselves simultaneously. Few bands have accomplished this rare feat on a more profound and consistent basis than Neurosis. For nearly three decades, their music has touched the hearts and minds of young men and women seeking contact with something beyond the physical world, something intangible, something that expresses the inner tumult of the human condition in a way that transcends time and space. Something that not only provokes questions but maybe even hints at answers.
In 1996, I was one of those young men. I was 20 years old when I heard Through Silver In Blood, and I could never listen to music the same way again. The album was—and is—so dense, so turbulent, so different than anything I had heard before. It was—and is—like its own weather system. It didn’t just challenge me to think differently; it forced me to. It opened doors that lay beyond the confines of my own narrow experience. Best of all—to an aspiring “writer” at least—the band’s lyrics seemed to be saying something. Not about politics or religion or society or even interpersonal relationships, but about the life of the mind. And the words could be applied to modern life as readily as life a thousand years ago—or three thousand years ago, when our gods were our own and almost everyonestill had to fight for their daily bread.
With the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, Neurosis’ work has only become more engaging, more penetrating, more visceral and decimating. Similarly, the band has only become more cognizant of their purpose.
The music on Honor Found In Decay is both torturous and transcendent. It is the ongoing exposition of a vast internal dialogue that seems to carry the weight of eons. With the right kind of ears and eyes, it can seem like the trials and tribulations of mankind are being channeled through five individuals: Steve Von Till, Scott Kelly, Noah Landis, Jason Roeder and Dave Edwardson. And yet? They will be the first ones to tell you that they are just regular people trying to make sense of the world around them. The degree to which Neurosis allows them to step out of their everyday lives is the distance between one and zero, the distance between thinking and doing, the distance between this minute and the one that may or may not follow. Which is to say: Neurosis takes them outside of themselves and brings them closer to themselves. Simultaneously.


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Bretus takes form in the mind of Ghenes in 2000.
The band was born to homage a kind of music (Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic) and its great interpreters.
Bretus are born with the desire to introduce the tracks to the many lovers of the underground. Together with Neurot they composed some tracks and in 2008 recorded with the fundamental help of Zagarus (Voices) and Sest (Drums). These songs have gone out for the first demo cd composed by 4 tracks.
In 2009 Bretus composed 5 new tracks inspired by horror tales writers as H.P. Lovecraft, movies directors as Mario Bava and others.
In 2010 MadDie Records produced "Bretus" MCD. 
It received good reviews by zines and webzines, and some songs of MCD are also published in the Italian "Desert Sound Compilation" ,"Droning Earth vol.16" (Finlandia) and "Doom Metal Alliance sampler vol. II" (USA).
In the 2011 Faunus(Guitar) and Striges (Drums) come into the band.
Bretus enter in studio for the recording sessions of the new full lenght.
In 2012 "In Onirica" was out(CD Version By Arx Productions, Tape version by The Arcane Tapes).
"In Onirica" was out also on Bloodrock Records on vinyl version (distributed by Black Widow Records).
The response at it was so good that the band was invited to take part on some fest like the MALTA DOOM FEST 5th edition or DOOM OVER VIENNA IX.
Some songs of "In Onirica" are also published in Doom Over The Crypt Compilation (Italy), Doom Metal Front Compilation 7 (Germany) , Doommantia III (USA), Desert Sound vol.5 (Italy).
In 2014 Bretus recorded "The Haunter Of The Dark" , the song is published in the 7" split with Black Capricorn via The Arcane Tapes.
"The Haunter Of The Dark" is also published in Doom Over Cthulhu compilation (Canada) and Droning Earth vol.69 (Finland).
In the same year Azog (Bass) comes into the band.
Ever in 2014 the slovenian Doom Cult Records releases a reprint of "Bretus" mcd (2010).





Bones & Comfort are a power trio formed in 2006 by Daniele. His need to play pure rock and roll without frills is shared by Alberto and Luca.
Bones & Comfort offer a unique blend of rock, blues, stoner trips and southern sounds.
The first live shows brought lots of positive feedback within the rock community. Bones & Comfort progressively developed their sound and at the end of 2008 the band headed into the studio. After a few months of hard work and entire nights spent mixing, “…in Fat we trust” is completed. The EP contains five original songs and is fully self-produced. The music reflects the attitude of the band and the tracks are filled with warm distortions, heavy riffs and catchy choruses, which have all become trademarks of the Bones & Comfort sound.
Thanks to the EP’s success on the Italian and foreign press, Bones & Comfort started a season of successful live shows in northern Italy. The band grew even tighter and the creative flow brought them into the studio again in 2011, after roughly one year of songwriting.
“Mothersheep” was recorded and produced by Luigi Galmozzi at his Morbid Sound Studios. The album contains 9 tracks showcasing Bones & Comfort’s live energy, raw guitars and heavy grooves and will be published by GO DOWN RECORDS in 2012.




Samsara Blues Experiment are a German four-piece who channel their musical forms in extended forays of psychedelic blues rock. Formed in 2007 by guitarist Christian Peters and completed one year later by second guitarist Hans Eiselt, bassist Richard Behrens and drummer Thomas Vedder, the Berlin-based group play a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga, thrash metal and traditional folk. Their uniquely organic sound has earned them a reputation as one of the best new bands to rise out of the current heavy rock genre while their live shows are heralded as euphoric jams and cosmic voyages. Extensive touring throughout Europe has put the band on stage with icons Hawkwind, Pentagram and Kyuss Lives while sharing festival dates with contemporaries Orange Goblin, Mondo Generator and Yawning Man. Roadburn, Yellowstock, Herzberg and Stoned From The Underground have all witnessed the cosmic grooves and metaphysical energy of SBE’s psychedelic whirlwind. 
In their heady early days, the band made a bold trek to the US West Coast for a tour that extended from Los Angeles to Seattle with only a raw demo in hand. In the five years since they have produced two superior studio albums titled Long Distance Trip (2010) and Revelation & Mystery (2011). Both discs showcase a playful musical journey that blends duel-guitars, pounding rhythms, retro styled jamming and hypnotic hooks in the tradition of classic krautrock. With elements of Pink Floyd, Canned Heat, Jimi Hendrix and Hawkwind the group capture the imagination with road born experience from the straightforward to the more subliminal. Numerous tours across Europe have established Samsara Blues Experiment as one of today’s greatest live acts in psychedelic hard rock. In November 2013 the group will release their much-anticipated third album Waiting For The Flood on Electric Magic Records. The new compositions continue the band’s exploration within their exotic original sound fully vibrant in physical energy and seductively captivating.





Born at the dawn of the new millennium in Italy, I.C.O. (Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) are heavy to the core.
I.C.O first emerged with their debut Cerebral Heart (Myphonic Records, 2008) which was characterised by a ferocious energy that has stayed with them to this day. However it was their union with Supernatural Cat and the 2009 album Controverso where they defined and honed their unique sound into something all the more dynamic. Their style on one hand was contemporary, heavy, furious and dirty, whilst also acknowledging and embracing Italy’s progressive musical past. Controverso really was the first step in a more focused direction.
The end of the first decade of the new millennium marks a new step in the evolution of the project. The title of the new chapter is: Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift. The concept, an imaginary, dark and lonely trip adrift discovered in a diary. Emotions of fear, anger and irrational excitement are expressed, waiting for a certain epilogue into desolation, a final annihilation in a cosmic fusion.
Sonically, this new album is a journey that intersects and expands in a huge, deep and at times, claustrophobic monolith. Heavy cavernous guitars with back-breaking riffs, multifaceted, effect laden vocals and rhythmic notes plunge into a psychedelic mix of unpredictable sounds of distress and madness that we, the recipient, can only succumb to.




Void of Sleep is a band hailing from Ravenna, Italy, formed in 2010 by Gale (guitar), Burdo (vocals and guitar) Allo (drums) and
Paso (bass). In a few months the result of many rehearsal is a blend of sludge, psychedelic, stoner and progressive sound where epic rhythms
melt with doom slowdowns, complex time signatures and “musical storms”. By the end of the year, after almost eight months since the new
line-up had been defined, the band makes its first live appearance and in the following months it shares the stage with many international
bands. In June 2011 it's time for the band to enter the Studio73 to record their debut EP under the direction of bass player and renowned
producer Paso (winner of an Independent Music Awards in 2012 and also producer for Ephel Duath, Extrema, At the Soundawn, The Secret,
The End of Six Thousand Years...). The three-songs Promo EP called “Giants & Killers EP” immediately generates excellent and positive
reactions. In the meantime the name Void of Sleep takes a solid reputation in the local underground, and in the summer of 2012 they hit
again the Sudio73 to record the first full-length called “Tales between Reality and Madness” an album of seven tracks for about 45 minutes of
music. Void of Sleep then signs a worldwide contract with the label “Aural Music” to release the album in January 2013.
The debut album was critically acclaimed by the press from all over the world and the guys are still playing gig to promote their work.



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Middian was a doom metal band from Portland, Oregon, United States. The band comprised guitarist Mike Scheidt (formerly of YOB), bass guitarist/vocalist Will Lindsay, and drummer Scott Headrick. They released one album, titled Age Eternal.

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With a sound and presence like no other band in the world, Weedeater stand apart from all others, both live and on their recordings. Their unfiltered and unrefined energy surges uncontrollably through the band and anyone who bears witness to their live show. Spite and deep resentment somehow fuse with comedy and maximum volume to produce an indignant, vomitous (both figuratively and sometimes literally) performance that is forced upon the willing yet hapless crowd. You are instantly swallowed whole by both Dixie and Shep's nearly indistinguishable monster bass and guitar tones, and you are absolutely beaten to a bloody pulp and scared for your life by Keko's crazed, yet amazingly potent bashing of his kit; with sticks that look like tree trunks turning into a splintered mess by the end of every song. If you had any sense you might actually take a step back and contemplate your safety for a moment, but then you come to your senses (sort of, anyway) and realize you're at a f*cking Weedeater show, and this is why you came here, and there is no way to deny what you are witnessing. Pure, unabashed, musical violence in every form. It's real, and it's dangerous, and it feels so damn good. After 2007's critically acclaimed and now classic release, "God Luck and Good Speed" had been toured to death around the world, the boys finally took some time between the mishaps and mayhem of 2010 to write and record their 2nd album for Southern Lord Recordings and 4th full-length CD/LP, "Jason...The Dragon", which will be released March 15th on both CD and LP. Recorded and mixed once again by the legendary Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, and mastered once again by the equally as legendary John Golden at Golden Studios in southern California, "Jason..." continues the legacy that has culminated over nearly 15 years of the band's existence into something truly unique and masterful. Once again, we are dragged through the mire by three of the finest dirge merchants in the world, and the songwriting is just as ingenious as ever and seems to start just where "God Luck..." left off, with "Hammerhandle" kicking things off in an oscillating groove that builds and falls and then eventually melts into "Mancoon", a ripping tune that spans themes from homemade dynamite to true tales of human bite wounds and other guttural warnings that are surely not meant to be taken lightly. The band returns to their swampy roots via acoustic bass and banjo with the album's closer "Whiskey Creek", and they venture into totally new territory with the hook-laden, driving force that is "Homecoming". Dixie's solo performance on "Palms and Opium" sounds like a narcotic jam that he and Dean Ween had at a private nitrous party on a deserted island; the track was inspired by and written during the blissed-out visions Dixie had while laid up on pain pills for a month after blowing off his big toe with a shotgun in early 2010. We don't need to go back there again, do we? Seems like we just did. The masterpiece is of course the album's namesake, "Jason...the Dragon" which takes the listening doomernaut on a slithering journey though a sludgy world of viscous, black molasses riffs that are punctuated by cannon drums and some of the album's most memorable lyrics. With a full headlining tour of the US planned for February and March and a European tour shortly thereafter with a stop at Roadburn and more dates to be announced soon, the band is rearing to take 2011 by storm and there is a horde of rabid fans ready to hear their newest offerings.



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The Wisdoom is a heavy psych sludge band based in Rome (Italy) and formed at the end of 2010 by Dario Iocca, Francesco Pucci and after joined by Luigi Costanzo and Daniele Neri. 
In June 2011 the band released their first self-title EP that received enthusiastic feedbacks from the critics and audiences, so much that the song “Katabasis” has been selected to be part of the soundtrack of the movie “Paura” by the italian masters of explotations films Manetti Bros.
They are now going to release for the label Heavy Psych Sounds Records: “Hypothalamus”, their first full length with 4 brand new songs for 45 minutes of pure ecstatic violence through a desperate and lysergic trip over sleep phases. "Hypothalamus" is mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi (who worked with Ufomammut, The Secret and his band Lento)
The Wisdoom have also shared the stage with world renowned bands such as Orange Goblin, Eyehategod, Hate, Peter Pan Speedrock, and taking part in festivals like Duna Jam, Stoned Hand Of Doom and Acid Fest.

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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (written as Uncle Acid & the deadbeats) are an English psychedelic doom band from Cambridge. Their music is heavily influenced by the late 1960s when heavy metal was emerging. Allmusic praised the band's ability to recreate a particular aspect of this era, describing the band as "celebrating the Summer of Love's soul-chilling autumn: a blasted landscape, post-flower power, resemblingAltamont's killing fields, reeking of the Manson Family murders, and, naturally, sounding like a mish-mash of all of the apocalyptic musical forces that converged upon that era."[1]
The band has been metaphorically described as "the original Alice Cooper band jamming in a cell with early Black Sabbath and the Stooges".[2]In order to replicate the sound of that era, the band uses vintage instruments and recording equipment.[3]
The band’s name was taken from Rusty Day, the singer of Cactus, who later had a band called Uncle Acid And The Permanent Damage Band.[4]Uncle Acid was originally the otherwise-anonymous frontman, although he has since changed his stage name to K.R. Starrs and now views the band members collectively as being "Uncle Acid".[5]
Blood Lust was the band's breakthrough album, with The Quietus describing it as "a glorious and idiosyncratic collection that quickly garnered rabid cult status amongst the worldwide doom fraternity"[3] and Decibel Magazine referring to it as "a groovy, evil delight".[6] Allmusic describedBlood Lust as "a mixture of psychedelic rock's harrowing comedown, garage and punk rock's nihilistic ascent, and the earliest manifestations of heavy metal's occult-laced, nerve-damaging bludgeon".[1] The album garnered substantial acclaim, for which K.R. Starrs remarked, "it kind of took everyone by surprise that the album took off the way it did".[7]
With the release of the band's third album, Mind Control, more 70's pop influences were incorporated into the music.[8] A concept album, K.R. Starrs explained that Mind Control is a "fictional story...about a cult leader who comes down from the mountain and brainwashes his desert disciples through drugs, love, violence, and intimidation".[9] According to Metacritic, the album has received "universal acclaim" with a score of 81 based on 7 critics.[10] Justin Norton, writing for Decibel Magazine, awarded the album a score of 8 out of 10 and described the album as "a perfect union of Sabbath riffs, fuzz and Herschell Gordon Lewis".[11]

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Blood Red Water is an Italian doom/sludge band formed in the summer of 2010. Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends and drinking partners united by the passion for sludge music, so they decided to create something wicked.
Immediately Francesco “Volt” joined them as guitarist/feedback junkie.
Blood Red Water’s interest/purpose is simple and straight: writing the music they like and feel - blending doom tunes with sludge tunes.
At the end of 2011, they entered at the Flameout Studio to recorder their first 5-song EP entitled “Tales of Addiction and Despair”. 
In the meantime the line-up has changed. the current line-up is: Mick vocals; Fiò drums; Volt guitars; Eric guitars and Gianluca bass.

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Italia based ZIPPO have been able to forge within few years a unique musical creature. Active since 2004, three albums under their belt, several European tours and concerts all over Italy; this hiperactivity makes ZIPPO one of the leading bands in the Italian heavy psychedelic scene. Their live shows are bursting and mesmeric, a massive electric ritual that will petrify you. 
After the surprising self-produced debut "Ode To Maximum" (2006), the following "The Road To Knowledge" (2009) shows a band in its phase of natural development, combining progressive approaches and post metal landscapes with the classic stoner rock and doom backgrounds. 
ZIPPO's third son comes out in April 2011 once again through Subsound Records and its title is "Maktub". The 7 Tracks have been shaped by Victor Love at Subsound Studio while mastering duties have been handled by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Isis). Intense, daring, and twisting; with very special guests such as Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and Luca T. Mai (Zu).

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MAKTUB (2011)



Joakim Nilsson, Rikard Edlund (both formerly of Norrsken), Axel Sjöberg, and Truls Mörck formed Graveyard in 2006. When Norrsken disbanded in 2000, guitarist Magnus Pelander went on to form doomy folk metal act Witchcraft and Nilsson and Edlund joined Albatross, a growly blues rock band whose lineup also included Sjöberg on drums. Initially they considered Albatross a hobby project, but after five years the members began taking their music more seriously and had grown dissatisfied with the direction their sound had taken. When Albatross broke up, Nilsson and Edlund decided that for their next venture, they would head back towards their roots as musicians and songwriters. Nilsson explains, “I am a singer, but in Albatross I only played guitar. Rikard played guitar but he is a bass player. We also wanted a more straightforward [rock] sound.”[1]
Together with Sjöberg and guitarist/singer Truls Mörck they began practicing as Graveyard. Upon their initial formation, Graveyard quickly recorded a two track demo, played a total of three shows, and began planning for a full-length album with Swedish label, Transubstans Records. In the meantime, they posted a demo of some of their material on MySpace. Songs from the band's Myspace caught the ear of Tony Presedo, founder of TeePee Records. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Don Ahlsterberg and released in early 2008. On the recording sessions' completion, Truls Mörck was replaced by guitarist Jonatan Ramm. The debut album received generally good reviews.[2] Graveyard performed at the 2008's South by Southwest Music Festival.[3]
Graveyard was featured on Rolling Stone Magazine's Fricke's Picks for their first ever US gig at SXSW.[4] After SXSW, Graveyard toured with label mates Witch. In the Fall of 2008 Graveyard toured with Witchcraft and then Clutch. In 2009 they toured with the rock band CKY. Graveyard released their second album in spring of 2011.[5]
In 2013 they toured Europe with grunge band Soundgarden.

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