mercoledì 20 gennaio 2016

BLACK RAINBOWS: Ad aprile il nuovo album

Ottime notizie in casa Black Rainbows. Il trio romano è pronto a dare alle stampe il suo quinto studio album dal titolo "Stellar Prophecy", sempre sotto Heavy Psych Sounds.
L'uscita è prevista per il 15 aprile, mentre le prevendite saranno disponibili dal 15 febbraio.
Vi riportiamo le parole del cantante e chitarrista Gabriele Fiori, seguite da tracklist e cover curata da Solo Macello:

"Stellar Prophecy is in line with our previous record "Hawkdope" released last year. It's made of seven songs for a total running time of fourty-four minutes. You'll be able to enjoy two long suites ("Golden Widow", "The Travel"), a couple of super fuzzy classics ("Electrify", "Is Time to Die"), as well as a 70's-sounding hit ("Woman"). The rest is to be discovered by the listener! We're very happy with this album and find it very well-balanced: it's spacey, psyche and blistering... It's 100% Black Rainbows!"

"Stellar Prophecy" tracklist:
1. Electrify
2. Woman
3. Golden Widow
4. Evil Snake
5. It’s Time To Die
6. Keep The Secret
7. The Travel

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