martedì 25 agosto 2015

HEXVESSEL: Firmano per Century Media e nuova cover di "Gaia" dei Tiamat

La band psychedelic folk finlandese Hexvessel firma un nuovo contratto discografico a livello mondiale con l'etichetta Century Media che curerà la pubblicazione dei prossimi album della band.
Ecco le dichiarazioni del cantante e chitarrista Mat McNerney

“In many ways the new Hexvessel songs are a new beginning for the band. The time we have invested in this next album has been very carefully spent. So we have become very focused in what we want to do and want to deliver something really special for our fans when it comes to releasing the next record. It’s very important music for us, close to the bone and nestled right up next to our hearts. We were looking for a relationship with our record label to be the same as our bond with each other in the band. It has to be real and it has to be a shared experience! The way we met Jens and the wonderful people at Century Media was at a very special time for us and them, and we felt a unique connection that has grown ever since. That they totally understand and truly feel for what we’re doing is really important. After all this is magic art we are creating and is from a personal place. We believe that with Century Media we will have the support and encouragement to take our music further than ever before. Deepest thanks to all our fans and friends without whom we are nothing, our publisher and friend Andy Farrow at AMF for his good faith, the guys at Svart Records for bringing us up and holding our hands from our inception, and hails to the good folks at Century Media for believing in Hexvessel and heralding a new dawn for us. It’ll be a bright a blessed future. Shine on!” 

Inoltre la band ha realizzato una cover del brano "Gaia" dei Tiamat che noi vi proponiamo puntalmente qui sotto! Restate sintonizzati per nuovi aggiornamenti.

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