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Tube Cult Fest 2014: Interview...Introducing HAW (English Version)

On the occasion of the TubeCultFest 2014.
We did a brief interview with David, frontman for HAW...

Hi David, first of all thanks for having accepted the interview. You are coming soon to Italy with HAW for the TubeCultFest 2014, better known as  the Adriatic’s Loudest Fest in Pescara, 6th edition. How did you get to know about the festival? 
"Thank you for having me here it’s a kind thing! I think I’ve heard about the festival a few years ago, but didn’t think of it too much as Pescara is so far away and I’m not really into this scene thing anymore. As I remember Davide of Zippo wrote us that we are invited."

How do you guys feel about it? You are going to share the stage again with the local band Zippo, with whom you have already played in Italy and Hungary with your former band Stereochrist and with Haw too. What’s the relationship between you and them?
"As we don’t take this whole thing too seriously every time we are treated like a band that counts it feels special. To play on a festival like this is a unique adventure.
It is a long story I can’t even say when we met first. I got quite far from music for a while so I got far from everything and everyone related to it. Though I have got back a little closer, from this distance I only see that they are very successful and still into it with full heart. It will be fun to meet again and an honor to share the stage with them and the other bands too."

 What are your memories about the cooperation with them? And how about Italy?
 "I have clear memories only from the last tour which was with HAW and we didn’t play with Zippo, but they helped us to organize things like it would have been the most natural thing to do.
The tour was one of our best and craziest rides. From the moment we met in the rehearsal place till we arrived home through this green and brown journey we constantly listened to Diamond Eyes of Deftones which was just released and is still amongst the bests ever recorded. Seen beautiful places and met legendary faces I hope they are doing good!
About the gigs, well it’s hard because the way we play has formed so much according to the ways we did before. That young HAW seems an authentic but careful band from this point.
But we did our best."

You formed the band in 2008 with ex-members from Igor and drummer from Stereochrist.What were your decisions behind this new project?
"Our friendship had reached a point where the next step was to play music together. That was all. And though there were times when my relationship with music messed up badly, the reason behind this band lingered on."

About your discography, you have recorded a demo in 2009 and last February your first album Soundtrack of ourFriendship, 9 tracks of a lethal mix of Blues/Stoner/Sludge, combined with your unequivocal hardcore  vocal style. Why did it take so long to record the album?
"I think it simply didn’t matter. We loved playing live, and having fun, and to focus on writing and recording songs was not so important. And as I mentioned before there was a longer period when I didn’t sing or play the guitar at all, for about a year. I was sure I wouldn’t step on a stage anymore and did not sing even in the shower."

Let’s focus onSoundtrack of our Friendship.How did you guys come up with it – lyrics, writing process and so on? Could you tell us a bit about it?
"There wasn’t a certain process or I just didn’t realize it. For example the song called Black Horse High we already played last time we’ve been to Italy, even on the first HAW gig back in 2009 or 8. Anyone in the band can bring riffs or ideas and we have the right to forget it for years or just not to have a clue what to do with it no matter how good the riff is. If the goal is to have a good time in any given moment and not to move forward then it can take forever. You’ll see when we are on the stage, we’ll have a good time.
It is the same with the lyrics. Most of the times I don’t know what they exactly mean. I understand the sentences but can’t see the reason, or the meaning. And it can take months or even years when something flashes and all comes to light. There is no will only flow, if there is anything. No, there is one thing I’m strict to and it is to keep it simple."

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How is the music scene in Budapest and Hungary? Is there any band you work with or anyone you appreciate that you’d like to mention?
"Besides them Shapat Terror is a must, and a young band called Makrohang is also a worthy try. In case you are into more aggressive tunes Gosthchant won’t disappoint you. But about the scene... we are the land of tribute bands."

I know that you practice jujitsu at a pro level, and it’s well known sportsman life is no easy life. Also, you play banjo and are the frontman of Haw; how can you cope with all your activities? Can you give us some hints for this unusual combination of rock n’ roll and sporty lifestyle? 
"Banjo gives me the magic none of other instruments can do this.. It takes me into the woods to the mountains immediately."
"I’m not a typical RNR guy anymore. Haven’t drank alcohol for 5 years, I don’t go out to check random bands just to show up and push myself. I don’t care about the whole RNR underground. I care about my friends, my family, and those who need  help. Any kind of help that I can give."
"Martial arts and music have the same roots. It is to find yourself and express yourself. Sadly when I became sober and clear I realized that being a musician is the most selfish way to live I know. It is about a picture you want to show the way you want to be seen. A lie that we all build our lives on. And it is a fact that those who has talent that can dazzle others can be blinded by it and forget that they are common people with higher duties. We are living in our own enchantment.
Fighting and the way of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu showed me how to solve this. This is the purest form I know to fight against your ego through defeats, deadlocks and supporting others.
And finally I found that I even fought through music."

" Now I don’t fight playing my music, only have fun with my friends"

 HAW: Haw Bandcamp
Tube Cult Fest 2014:

Interview by Mari Knox ; translations by Mery, dear friend of mine and drummer for In-Sight

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