mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

BLUES PILLS: Tour annullato

Purtroppo, a causa di gravi problemi di salute, i Blues Pills sono costretti ad annullare il tour. 
La band avrebbe dovuto suonare anche nel nostro paese e precisamente a Bologna, Montecchio e Milano l' 8-9-10/05/2014. Vi riportiamo qui sotto il comunicato ufficiale della band:

"Forced to Discontinue Headlining Tour
We are deeply saddened to announce that because of serious illness we have to cancel the remaining dates on our European Tour. Our hearts are broken. Nothing gives us more joy than playing, and we were looking forward to the places we would go, shows we would play, and people we would meet. But in this situation, health is the number one priority. We´re very sorry to all the fans, and the promoters who are let down. Please send us your positive thoughts.
For ticket refund please contact your point of purchase and we will try to make good for these canceled shows as soon as possible, and as of now this Summer´s festival schedule remains confirmed as it is.

-Blues Pills"
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