mercoledì 10 agosto 2011



Spiral Shades is a doom metal project formed in 2012 that is inspired by two individuals from different countries with a common goal of making an album together. Khushal Bhadra a Guitarist, Songwriter from India, Mumbai city and Filip Petersen (Guitarist, Bassist) from Norway, Vennesla got to know each other through Youtube because of their common interest in 70's heavy doom/progressive rock music. Some of their main inspiration being music by Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Wino etc Getting to know each other; sharing and admiring each others music resulted in further discussions which finally lead to making an demo album together.
The Demo is titled "Hypnosis Sessions" took around a year an half to complete. Album has 9 tracks; features Filip as a guitarist, bassist and Khushal on lyrics and vocal duties. The drums for this demo were programmed using a software tool. It is a complete virtual project where everything was recorded,shared and mixed mutually. The idea of this album was to relive that very old styled 70's music with raw sound and production. 
In recent times there has been a mutual collaboration between the Indian and Norwegian Government to promote cultural and music activities and here's Spiral Shades representing as a perfect symbol of India - Norway ties.


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