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The band El-Thule was born at the base of Bergamos hills in September 2001 due to the shared interests of the three band members for rocknroll (in particular for the Swedish style and the seventies style) and stoner rock, and by the way even for the passion the three share for beer and pretty chicks that join their shows.
Since the beginning the line up is the same, Mr. Action (lead vocals and guitars) and his brother El Comandante (bass guitar and back-up vocals) and Gweedo Weedo (drums); Mr. Action's extremely creative mind and the perfect feeling between the trio bring the band to a quick musical productive evolution assimilating that Swedish punknroll gives the band the possibility to explore personal fields. A great amount of gigs and the never ending jam sessions (that gave birth to Chromatic Mountain and The Growl) are the ingredients that gave the band the possibility to grow constantly.
The result is a new approach that mixes the rough desert sound with the hypnotic side of the best psychedelic tradition. At the end of 2002 El-Thule is 100% a band due to stability of the line up, hours on stage and a full luggage of new songs.
After one year of working hard the band records 12 songs at Davide Pelucchini's Underlab Studio. In September of the same year, the band gives birth to the mini-lp Astro Spiral Raceway which includes 4 of the songs of the 12 previously recorded .The mini-lp (counting the number of 500 copies) was a 360 view on the bands sound and gave them the opportunity to be distribuited by All Thats Heavy Direct, the distro correlated at the website!!!
After an intense period of first promotional gigs the band finally find the possibility to distribute their debut full-lengh album by the precious help of the Self Distribuzioni (the biggest distro in Italy). On the 20th of October 2004 the first record of El-Thule, titled No Guts, No Glory was out on the market distributed by Self Distribuzioni in Italy and by All Thats Heavy in USA/Canada.It received a lots of positive reviews in Italy and all around the world!!!
From october 2004 until now El-Thule performed almost 100 live shows from the north to the south side of Italy, touching a little bit of Europe too (Belgium, Austria, Germany and Sweden).
El-Thule shared the stages with bands like: Zeke, Colour Haze, High On Fire, Winnebago Deal, Sparzanza, Ufomammut, Yawning Man, Truckfighters, Stonegard, Dozer, Place Of Skulls, On Trial, Orange Goblin, Solace, Toner Low, Witchcraft, Hermano, Fu Manchu, Melvins and many others!!!
After the good debut album and all the brilliant gigs in 2005/2006/2007, the band presented their second record titled "Green Magic" that showed a mature band, in continue evolution, engaging to explore new musical territories also influenced by the bands met on the road and on stages!!!
"Green Magic" has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Niklas "Mr.Dango" Kallgren (Truckfighters's guitarist and professional sound engineer already at work with bands like Truckfighters, Witchcraft and Opeth!!!) between Italy and Sweden during the season 2006/2007.
Green Magic has been officially presented on FRIDAY MAY the 11th of 2007 during an exclusive show that will take place in London at the mighty club: The Underworld, in an amazing night that will also see on stage Solace and Orange Goblin!!!
The CD version of "Green Magic" has been produced by Riff Records (Italy) and Go Down Records (Italy) and it's available in all the european stores since OCTOBER 2007!!!
The band also produced a DVD added to the vinyl version of "Green Magic", a double green coloured heavy vinyl (160 grams/each) produced by the dutch label Heavy Biirth Records.

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ZENIT (2012)

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