lunedì 1 agosto 2011



DSW is a stoner band born in the desert of Lecce (Italy) in April 2010. After various vicissitudes, including the exhausting search for a drummer, the band reaches a first initial nucleus and records the EP “Dawn Storm Watchers”. Released in March 2011, the EP meets good feedbacks (including an unexpected but pleasant "Good vibes lads!" by Sigiriya- former Acrimony). Immediately after the EP, the line-up changes: the singer Mattia Marchello is replaced by Stefano "Wolf" Lombardi. Wasting no time, in September 2011 the four began recording for their first studio album, Dust Storm Warning, which, after a long gestation, was released in May 2012 for Acid Cosmonaut Records. In constant struggle with those who do not understand that DSW is a meaningless acronym (or at most is whatever you prefer), DSW at the moment are: Wolf Lombardi-vocals, Marco Papadia-guitar, Stefano Butelli-bass guitar, Fabio Zullino-drums.

Source: Facebook Page


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