sabato 6 agosto 2011



Venezuela. Hot, sunny and bright South America. Not for Cultura Tres, who show us the dark side of the deep south of the Americas. That dark that goes into ancestral, the hidden, the not expressed and, therefore, suppressed.
The result we get is everything but sunny and bright: we find ourselves in front of isolated and obscure lands, cold and dying, where rage dwells together with desolation and darkness prevail.
Desolation shows itself right from the beginning, from those never-ending seconds of silence opening the first track, Propiedad De Dios, and the entire album. A surprising, unexpected and scary starting. The same as their approach to sludge doom: heavy, powerful and monolithic, which never stops to get you a bit restless, just like when you go paranoid, keeping on turning your head back to look if someone is following you, while you are walking alone in a dark and desert road.
Ancestral, I was saying, like the tribal rhythms that fill the instrumental Los Muertos De Mi Color, where foggy atmospheres and guitar moans make the sound almost esoteric, as a background for a (apparently) political speech, that falls on the listener as a catastrophic prediction.
The same is the whisper which opens and closes The Grace, together reassuring and annoying, exactly like that significant black part in the sound, which characterizes this cry for grace, indeed.
An album made of moments and passage rites, between the feeling of belonging to a land and the one that it is far from you – mixing English and Spanish sometimes also inside the same track; between rage and being shattered – mixing moments of angry-distorted metal and smooth-clean ones full of echoes. Right as in Purified and in the cry for the truth No Es Mi Verdad.
Holy Graveyard is the conclusion of this record, where the conclusion is, indeed, the grave, where the most powerful growl ever in the album hovers over a storm of massive and dissonant distortions and a continuous kicks of double bass pedal, showing us in its full what is ‘the good of evil’.
A very well-done work this second album by Cultura Tres, an incredible result of the right mix among sludge, doom and black metal, conceived with class, brilliantly recorded. Really a self-production to be proud of.

  1. Propiedad De Dios
  2. Purified
  3. Los Muertos De Mi Color
  4. El Sur De La Fe
  5. No Es Mi Verdad
  6. The Grace
  7. El Mal Del Bien
  8. Voices
  9. Tres Seiz Diez Dos
  10. Your Call
  11. Holy Graveyard

ANNO: 2011
LABEL: self produced
WEB: Official Website

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