lunedì 1 agosto 2011



The band formed in 2010, by the desire to play and mix Stoner and Doom Rock, trying to enrich the mixture with a good dose of blues and psychedelic vibes. The sound of Cielo Drive unlikely to be cataloged in a definite pattern because of different registers, that gives to the listener the taste to walk close to the band, into beautiful and never repetitive territoris.
In June 2012, released their first album "Red Magik Mushroom", entirely recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by V - Hombre Lobo Fisik studies in Rome. Among their ranks, the presence of some musicians already involved in other bands: Giulio Serpico Marini (Nerodia & Kamelia Bloom), Tiziano Giammichele (Camion), Francesca Kamelia Cascasi (Nerodia & Kamelia's Bloom) e Fulvio Glerean (In Cold Blood).

Source: Facebook Page


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