mercoledì 20 luglio 2011



Bretus takes form in the mind of Ghenes in 2000.
The band was born to homage a kind of music (Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic) and its great interpreters.
Bretus are born with the desire to introduce the tracks to the many lovers of the underground. Together with Neurot they composed some tracks and in 2008 recorded with the fundamental help of Zagarus (Voices) and Sest (Drums). These songs have gone out for the first demo cd composed by 4 tracks.
In 2009 Bretus composed 5 new tracks inspired by horror tales writers as H.P. Lovecraft, movies directors as Mario Bava and others.
In 2010 MadDie Records produced "Bretus" MCD. 
It received good reviews by zines and webzines, and some songs of MCD are also published in the Italian "Desert Sound Compilation" ,"Droning Earth vol.16" (Finlandia) and "Doom Metal Alliance sampler vol. II" (USA).
In the 2011 Faunus(Guitar) and Striges (Drums) come into the band.
Bretus enter in studio for the recording sessions of the new full lenght.
In 2012 "In Onirica" was out(CD Version By Arx Productions, Tape version by The Arcane Tapes).
"In Onirica" was out also on Bloodrock Records on vinyl version (distributed by Black Widow Records).
The response at it was so good that the band was invited to take part on some fest like the MALTA DOOM FEST 5th edition or DOOM OVER VIENNA IX.
Some songs of "In Onirica" are also published in Doom Over The Crypt Compilation (Italy), Doom Metal Front Compilation 7 (Germany) , Doommantia III (USA), Desert Sound vol.5 (Italy).
In 2014 Bretus recorded "The Haunter Of The Dark" , the song is published in the 7" split with Black Capricorn via The Arcane Tapes.
"The Haunter Of The Dark" is also published in Doom Over Cthulhu compilation (Canada) and Droning Earth vol.69 (Finland).
In the same year Azog (Bass) comes into the band.
Ever in 2014 the slovenian Doom Cult Records releases a reprint of "Bretus" mcd (2010).



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